Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy...

Hypnosis is a state of mind that we all naturally fall into from time to time.

Those moments when you’re staring into space, or you're doing something and you "daze out"

...still fully aware of your surroundings if you needed it and never losing who you are as a person...

This is a "hypnotic state".

In many cases people in Hypnosis compare it to meditation or deep relaxation.

When our minds are in this state, our subconscious (also known as the unconscious) is more open to suggestion.

What to expect for your session

During your session, I will first help you into a hypnotic state (This will begin with standard teaching and coaching in how to be a good hypnotic "subject")

Once you are totally relaxed and in the right frame of mind, I will be able to use suggestion techniques to positively influence your subconscious.

PLEASE NOTE: This does NOT mean that I will "put you to sleep and fiddle with your brain" Think of it like going on Safari...

I will be the guide and my job is to ensure you have a great experience.

Essentially, you're job is simply to do as I ask (ensuring it aligns to your personal beliefs and values) so that you can have a great experience...

That said, it is a very collaborative experience which you will be helping to shape to suit your needs.

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What you Can Expect In Your Session...


It's fair to say that "My Hypno Coach" sessions are not the place for cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all treatments.

This service is only meant for people who have an open mind and the courage to stand up to their inner demons, fears and challenges to get to the source of the problem quickly and then deal with it effectively.

Due to the various mix of cognitive methods involved, all sessions and programs are bespoke to the individual, with exactly what you need to get back on your truest path and connect to the very best version of yourself.

For this reason, the process begins with a Free Breakthrough Session, where we will meet online (video call... Zoom or Skype) and we can not only g over what it is you want to work on, but also get you started making some progress ASAP. 

Because of the speed I like to work at to get people results, I ask that you complete a very short online survey to get an initial understanding of what we will be focusing on and how best to prepare.

help ensure we are a good fit and for me to see that you're serious about making the desired changes to yourself and your life.

During this session, I will work closely with you to fully understand what you’re going through, identify the optimum methods to use for your unique personality and preferences, and then agree with you a full treatment plan to get you your desired outcomes.

If Hypnotherapy is part of that collaborative treatment plan, you will have 1 choice to make (which you can alter at anytime during your treatment).

1. Standard Clinical Hypnotherapy
This is based on the Cognitive Behaviour Therapies model (Not all CBTs are alike, even though it is widely considered that there is only 1 CBT... This isn't the case, but I'll explain more on that later.

2. Positive Reinforcement Hypnotherapy (PRH)
This is my creation as I have merged the professional standards and practices of Standard Clinical Hypnotherapy with my own method of creating a positive physical sensation which accompanies the mental changes that you want to make.

If you would like to have a small taste of what this might be like, I will place a simple exercise for you to do at the end of this Services breakdown... it will only take a moment and it's just for fun 🙂 


All treatment plans vary in complexity and time invested, with some treatments becoming very technical in nature and lasting between 6 weeks and 12 Months (with opt-out policy), fees can vary from £1500 to £35,000, however, this too can be discussed and negotiated with payment plans for those that need them.

That said…

At this point in time, please don't put too much pressure on yourself to make a decision.

All that is necessary right now is for you to keep an open mind and believe in yourself enough to take the first (risk-free) step.

PRH Exercise
This is simple and can be very useful as a "grounding/calming exercise"

1. Sit in a comfortable position - hold your hands up in a position, as if you are holding an invisible Balloon or Ball in front of your face.

2. Close your eyes and using your imagination, pretend you have the power to electrically charge the area between your hand with Positive "Feel Good" Power.

3.. Close your eyes and breath in a deep breath. - As you do imagine that positive power and strength is entering your body and spreading throughout your arms and legs.

4. Do this a few times as it gets easier with practise and your ability to imagine and then "make believe" it is 100% true and real.

The more you believe, the more powerful it will be for you.

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