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Hi, I’m Chris Richards, Founder of “My Hypno Coach” and Creator of:

  • Bridge the Gap™ : The 5 Steps to Peak Performance
  •  The Client Attraction & Content Creation Formula™
  • Unique Branded Solution Blueprint™


  • Positive Reinforcement Hypnotherapy (PRH)™

Before we go any further I’d love to introduce myself, so I can share with you why I’m known as “The Hypno Coach” and what I’m talking about when I say, “Positive Reinforcement Hypnotherapy”.


You see, When I was growing up, I wasn’t in the best place mentally, emotionally or even in my immediate environment…

Don’t get me wrong, I believe my parents did their best with me, but it was still pretty rough, even now, whenever I do tell people about it, it always shocks them and they end up saying something along the lines of “Wow… I wouldn’t have known you had that!” (more on that later).

Long story, short, I joined the British Army when I was 16 years old and it wasn’t a culture shock… In fact I found it pretty tame… 

(That should give you some indication).

Quite naturally, as a result, I had a large amount of low self-esteem, virtually no confidence and a crippling feeling of not being worthy enough…

It took years to free myself of all my inner demons…

First with confidence building and team leadership in the Army, and then through self-study and a long time in deep personal introspection…

…But now, 18 Years Later,

I’ve absorbed almost every element of:

  • Personal Development Books, Seminars and Courses
  • Mastery in Coaching & Mentoring
  • Hypnosis and Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy
  • Advanced Psychology & Behaviour pattern recognition
  • Various Counselling & Therapy methods and techniques
  • Years of experience working with people to bring out their best selves and overcome their personal challenges in life, relationships and business
  • And so much more…


Within a short time of working with clients, I discovered that when I used emotional and mental reinforcement to acknowledge their results, it gave them a huge boost, which quickly prompted them to get even better results, and of course, momentum would then have been created and habits built so they would often continue to improve longer after our sessions.

This lead me to look at the neuroscience of it all and wonder why people do things to their body and mind, which they know is harmful?! 

t was simple – Those things (at least in that moment)… FELT GOOD! 

And why was it so difficult to take on an empowering mindset in time of struggle even though it would have helped them?… 

…Because it was “Outside the Comfort Zone”… 

On a deeper level, the brain doesn’t like different… The short version is that using deeper brain logic… “If you’re alive today, just repeat whatever you did yesterday, and the chances are good that you’ll be alive tomorrow”… 

Problem with this inherent survival logic… It doesn’t allow for much growth… 

So I thought… WHAT IF… Rather than leave the comfort zone into the “dangerous land” …I could bring what they wanted in!?!

That way, they would still experience the new thing, but instead of the brain thinking that was a threat… they would instantly experience joy, happiness and feelings of high energy on a deep neurological level… 

This would create associations in the mind of: 

“This New idea… FEELS GOOD and should be experienced more”



Cripplingly shy people were becoming super confident and outgoing, virtually overnight! 

Anxiety and Depression sufferers were cured of their feelings of hopelessness… Replaced now, with knowledge that they are capable of anything!

And even high-level business women, who felt like they weren’t enough, were overcome with a powerful knowing on a very deep level that they can and should accomplish everything in their dreams!

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Now, every person I work with has come in with this criteria:

  • Ready to be open and honest
  • You have a strong desire to positively change
  • You want to raise your life or business to the next level

    This may not be for you if:

    • You want a “quick fix”
    • You want someone to solve your problems for you
    • You are unwilling to try new possibilities and ways of thinking

    But anyone that hits this criteria is perfect for what I call a Breakthrough call.

    Side Note: Some people may have an issue with the term “Breakthrough call”, either because they don’t believe an emotional or mental breakthrough can be created in 1 hour, or they have been promised it by others and have only been disappointed… What the Breakthrough call consists of:

    A simple and fast online survey which provides me some background information about your situation and allows me to prepare for your session so you get the very best relevant value.

    From there we meet on a Zoom call (I’ll send you the link 5-10 minutes before over Facebook, Email or Text).

    Depending on your desires and wants, we may not get straight into the deep and scary stuff straight away because I understand some people take time to create a bond…. But many clients have said that the environment and vibe I present allows them to relax much quicker than they’d expected.

    We will then go through the session, focussing on the most pressing problem or challenge you’re currently facing that is impeding your progress in business, relationships or life in general.

    From there… well… you’ll have to give it a go to find out 😉Immediately following the Breakthrough call, many clients have asked about working with me some more… 

    If that is the case, then I would be happy to discuss exactly what you want or need, what would be of greatest benefit to you, your financial situation and a few other factors, and work together to build the ideal Accountability and Coaching Framework with a payment plan that best suits you.

    For some, this is 1 check in call a month for a year, for others it’s a 1-off 3 hour Supercharger Session to go through strategy and some more mindset shifts… or there are a range of weekly or fortnightly… It really is, whatever is the best possible solution to your specific needs.

    Image Image Image

    The price of the breakthrough call is planned to rise to $500, but today you can book a breakthrough experience where it's only $50.

    The reason it's $50 is simply because even the smallest financial investment has proven to drastically increase personal motivation to attend the session, respect the time of everyone concerned, and give the most effort to their own growth, rather than something which is free and can be confused with having “no obvious value”.

    Please note that this $50 is completely refundable if you feel you haven’t received a massive amount of value equal to at minimum, 10X this amount.