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Helping Business Women to define their message and attract perfect clients


Hi, I’m Chris Richards,
AKA “The Hypno Coach”

– Creator of Positive Reinforcement Hypnotherapy and all round Nice Guy 🙂


Before we go any further I'd love to draw your attention to an amazing FB Group for Business Women who want to have all the:

- Free Skills Training
- Support
- Advice
- Guidance 
- and Accountability... attract clients and grow your business.

And if that wasn't enough... you can look forward to meeting other amazing women who enjoy incredible friendships with like-minded experts at all levels of business "success".  

If you want to be a part of our community please click this link: "Empowered Business Women"


Ok... now (hopefully) you're part of the tribe... let's move swiftly onto the most important person in all of this... You. 😊

This is Perfect for you if any of these apply to you...

1) You're in the first couple of years of your business journey.

2) You've had some clients but you're not getting enough of the "right" clients.

3) You're amazing at what you do... But not enough people are noticing you.

It's a difficult time and no doubt you're feeling a bit concerned about your future...

This point is often accompanied by feeling of:

"Am I a fraud?",
"Should I be doing this?",
"What if I choose the wrong thing?!"

If you are thinking any of these, skip to the end and get yourself booked in for a free breakthrough call and let's get you off the "start line"

And so, if you want to know how to: 

-Get a crystal clear message that connects with your audience quickly and effectively...

-How to offer your service

- Which niche to choose

- How to niche

- And... How to create the perfect strategy to create your perfect business day.

Make sure you book a call with me ASAP.

So go ahead... Click the button (there's a 5 minute survey) and I can't wait to work with you soon 😊

I Want a Breakthrough Call

An Introduction to Positive Reinforcement Hypnotherapy (PRH)

PRH breaks into 3 main parts.

✅ Standard Clinical Hypnotherapy

✅ Positive Reward Suggestions

✅ Various Psycho-therapies
(CBT, DBT, Gestalt, etc)

More details are available
on the “Services” page…

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      Roughly twice a year we host "Discover Your Inner Goddess" for a pre-selected group of entrepreneur/business women who want to release themselves of mental and emotional blocks...

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